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We welcome you to the website of the Downs Way Patients Participation Group (PPG).

It is the wish of the NHS that all GP practices have a PPG. The purpose of a PPG is liaise between the patient and the practice. It as designed as a forum to discuss the wider issues of running the practice and for introducing new ideas and initiatives. It is not designed to deal with individual problems between the doctor and the patient.

The PPG should be seen as the conduit between the practice and the patients on topics which are likely to lead to a better service with ideas coming from patients and the practice. Remember the group exists to help you express your views and your comments and suggestions will be valued.

The list below gives the key requirements of the patient participation arrangements:

  • Develop a structure that gains the views of patients and enables the practice to listen to and act upon feedback from the practice population.
  • Organising health promotion events in partnership with the practice.
  • Collect views through a patient survey, publish the results and what has been achieved as a result of the survey.

The practice therefore invited a number of patients, selected from the three surgeries, to represent, discuss and to form an interim committee. The purpose of the interim committee is to formulate and agree a formal constitution, and to elect Officers. The interim committee and Officers are to stand for one year, following which an Annual General Meeting is held. When nominations and elections are held, all patients are eligible to attend and vote. And of course we are always looking for people to help!

The interim committee has agreed a Constitution and has elected the following Officers:

Interim Chairman - Janet Kane
Vice Chairman - David Turner
Secretary - Keith Fuller
Treasurer - Robert Bowden

You can download the constitution below. It is also available on the surgery notice boards.

The first public meeting of the PPG will be held on 24 January 2012 in the Annex of Istead Rise Community Centre at 1930 when matters can be raised and discussed in open discussion.

Whilst the interim committee has been formed it is important the committee represents the demographic make-up and any special medical interest within the practice. If you feel that you can make a contribution to the success of the PPG please put yourself forward.

Communications are key to keeping patients informed and it would be beneficial if those patients who have e-mail addresses and are willing for the practice to hold them on their secure server, to fill in the e-mail forms when they next visit the surgery.

The practice and the PPG have, as their first initiative, decided to carry out a small survey.

This survey will allow the practice to better understand patients' views on matters arising.

Patient Participation Group Constitution

Click here to download the constitution, it is also available on the surgery notice boards.

Patient Participation Group End of Year Reports

March 2014 End of Year Report (.doc)

March 2013 End of Year Report (.doc)

March 2012 End of Year Report (.doc)


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